rc_999: Ilraen jumps for joy. Or something. (leap)
No sun was yet visible overhead in the Miss Cam Courtyard, but on one horizon the sky was tinted pink and gold, like a winter sunrise. The light slowly changed, and Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill crested a rise, following a path beside a shallow, stone-filled rill that wound its way through the grass. At the top of the rise was a small pond fed by a spring that rippled but did not break the surface. Ilraen didn't know whether it was natural or artificial, and he didn't care to find out and risk disappointment. This place was perfect for his needs.

He watched the sun come up. (Granted, it might not have been a real sun, but it was close enough.) When the bottom cleared the horizon, he began.

<From the water that gave birth to us...> He dipped his right forehoof in the pond. <From the grass that feeds us...> With his wet hoof, he crushed a patch of grass. <For the freedom that unites us...> He spread his arms high and wide. <We rise to the stars.> He lifted all four eyes to the sun. <Freedom is my only cause. Duty to the people, my only guide. Obedience to my prince, my only glory. The destruction of my enemies, my most solemn vow. I, Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill, Andalite warrior, offer my life.> He took a steady stance and raised his tail-blade to his throat.

After a moment, he relaxed with a sigh. Another day began.

<That is four mornings in a row without being interrupted. A new record!> he remarked to no one in particular.

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